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CO2CO Genuineness Proof – Norvine

CO2CO Genuineness Proof

When you receive a message from an @co2co.io email address:

  • It's safe! This is our corporate email domain.


What does CO2CO mean?

  • CO2CO is the abbreviation of our company's name Coast2Coast Int'l (dba NORVINE). We are specialised in exporting products of German brands across the World, especially to the United States and Canada: to the (West) Coast and 2 the (East) Coast (and every location between and beyond).


What is CO2CO?

  • We are an ecommerce dedicated agency. We run norvine.com and are responsible for the promotion, sales and logistics for all brands on the website + we run other websites in collaboration with brands and parties.


Who is CO2CO?

  • We are a Swiss-German startup based in Düsseldorf, with a presence in the US.


Why CO2CO?

  • Awesome customer service, premium products, dropshipping champs, reliable fully trackable and insured global shipping.


Legit domains owned by us:

  • norvine.com (main), norvine.net, eurowear.net, norvine.us, norvine.ca, norvine.de, norvine.cc, norvine.ch, norvine.fr, norvine.se, norvine.eu, norvine.it, norvine.co.uk, norvine.pl, norvine.dk, norvine.at, norvine.ch, norvine.es, norvine.fi, norvine.be, norvine.no, norvine.co.nz, norvine.ru, co2co.io, co2co.info, individual-wear.com, individualwear.net
    All other domains (e.g. norvine.nl, norvine.pt, norvine.com.br and more) do NOT belong to us and are subject to spam and fraud, please avoid them!


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